Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Feeling Cheeky

Hump day, no chef and an easy day to deal with. Well, until I realized that we put a new time on the lunch menu (that my chef told me was going to wait until he got back). He was overruled, it seems. Even worse is that the person who works the raw bar and makes salads in the AM was the one who got the owners to OK it. She has been working here for 20 years though, so go figure.

So after that was handled, what was I to do but start to fabricate some fish and get on with my day. My chef left me some choices for specials this evening. I have some wild Sockeye Salmon, Walu, or Cobia. I will most likely go with my all around favorite, that Walu, I mean Butterfish err Escolar.

That damn fish has more names then P. Did does. I only say P. Did because I don't know how he ends it anymore, nor do I care.

I have already made a sweet garlic mascarpone cream for my sauce but have have yet to put together some type of starch. That will come to my mind in a bit, but tomorrow I have already ordered some halibut cheeks. Yes I said cheeks, did you think the filet of the fish was the only edible part? Cheeks hold all the flavor so tomorrow should bring not only a challenge because I have yet to work with them, but also selling such a thing may raise an eyebrow or two.


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