Friday, August 29, 2008

Politics and Football, I Must Be in DC

McCain picks a female VP...we have a black man running for president so I guess it's only fitting he play his cards that way, huh?

That's my political tidbit for the day. The Redskins suck. Hopefully the Terps can come out swinging against poor Delaware tomorrow.

Work? Oh yeah, I knew there was a reason I was in a kitchen. I see some yellow tomatoes in the walk in so I'm feenin for a yellow tomato and saffron puree.

Some sugar snap peas as my vege, and a jicama slaw to go with whatever fish my chef chooses to put with it when he gets here this afternoon. We have softshells in but I don't think they will make it past lunch because of this caprese salad that it is being served with.

Football on the brain, what is up with the expectations in this city for their football franchise? We put it on too high a pedestal and as soon as we lose, well, shit hits the fan and the sky is falling. Too many question marks all over the field, new coaches, untested players, and evidently draft picks that are quickly going down the tube. This could be a looooonng season.

At least the tailgates I have are entertaining.

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