Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Caught in the 'Net

So The Mad Chef's Internet is down. Why? Well, he isn't sure. So I'll just take this post to mess with him a little. Why? Because I can. And he can't see it!

While he may be the master of the culinary arts, he has the Internet and computer capability of a 4 year old retarded child.

He's a man who when I once asked for fish tacos, he called his ex (that he met in grade school) to see if he could set something up for me. Certainly reeked of seafood.

A giant in the Foodtopia of Washington, DC, who will always and irrevocably be 4 inches too short.

A warrior, who strides gleefully into a busy kitchen and 300 checks, and cowers at the effects of a quarter of a 40oz.

Fancied by the ladies, envied by the gentlemen and curious about the in-between...

He is, your Mad Chef, James Chase. And when he figures out how to reconnect his cable modem, or finds a 3 year old or a hobo who can show him how, he'll be back posting in no time!


The Brain

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