Monday, June 16, 2008

Slick and Spotless

By the way, as a final note on the Blue Duck Tavern experience I had on Sunday...Emily was the name of our server and my girlfriend and I agreed she was one of the best servers we have had in a very long time. Kudos, it's a rare find when a server makes the dining experience that much more enjoyable. She even successfully fielded a PETA of a question I had about the foie brulee.

So back to what I am doing this evening in the kitchen. Ever wonder what cooks and chefs do when its really slow? Clean...and when the cleaning is done a cook gets cut, and more cleaning is done because there isn't shit else going on. Then a check comes in and we don't hear shit and it goes long because we are cleaning, and a server questions whats going on with the order...

Then I say something slick like, "uhh I dropped the fish and had to make another." Smooth as ice, baby!

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