Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Oh man, what a speed bump that lunch shift was yesterday. [Ego] Somehow I managed to pace the restaurant thru 100 covers in about 45 minutes with one less cook than normal. I danced from the raw bar to the kitchen and back again. Almost like a dosi-doe...I can teach you sometime! [/Ego]

I also banged out my special for the evening, fabricated just under 100 lbs of fish, saved the lives of a pack of dolphins, ended world poverty, and attempted this new cucumber lime agua I've been doing some research on. OK, well, I did most of those. About the agua, notice I said "attempted." I'm not perfect, and if I don't have all the ingredients I want, why try it in the first place, right?

Well, just because I don't have one of the ingredients doesn't mean I shouldn't try and make it anyway. I wouldn't be a chef in the first place if I stopped making something because of one ingredient. I also don't think I would get very far if that was the extent of my imagination, to follow a recipe precisely each time.

So after all that pontificating, the agua...well, it sucked. OK, not came out the way I expected it too, but a bit lacking hahaha. I will make it again today with everything I want to use in it. Then I will post up my own recipe when I am happy with it!

1/4lb shrimp coming from Senegal today!!! I'm thinking of a Japanese dish this time around...tempura anyone????

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