Monday, June 2, 2008

Not Kosher...

As I have said before, I cannot stand it when my specials get changed by a guest. Especially a Hebrew who wants to eat a kosher meal, one that can't be made by the hands of a non-Hebrew like me. It's just not possible people. Ask me to poach a fish, fine, ask me to change my special? It ain't happening...well that is until I am overruled, as usual, HAH!!!

The guest requested the fish to be baked, rare, in aluminum foil. He did not want it to be opened by anyone but himself, and he wanted his vegetables to be on the side. I have cooked for kosher people before. It's not easy if they are strict. I will not bore non-Jews with details about the dietary habits of other religions but...there is no such thing as half ass when it comes to a kosher meal.

But anyway, it went like this...I went by the table, I saw the guest, he told me his issues, he even tried to explain to the GM that he had to have a kosher meal. If my GM won't say it I will, this is not kosher! Not in my restaurant...this isn't even, agghhhh, I don't know. This is ridiculous is what it is! What's the damn point of coming out to a restaurant when you'd literally have to make the dish yourself if there isn't a fellow Jew in the kitchen???

Unbelievable. Have a great night people, and next time you stop in to the restaurant let me know...evidently our liquor cost was too low last month. That is, according to the higher-ups (are you fucking kidding me?) but hey, not my problem. Means I can hook people up with even more drinks now.

And after tonight, I need a few. It's getting to the point where I really have seen just about everything...

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