Monday, June 23, 2008

Dance the Night Away...

Umm, can't remember the name of that song but it about sums up every feeling that I don't have for such a day right now. Shit, that sentence doesn't even make sense.

Was a fairly kick ass weekend though. Started out by my chef graciously letting me leave out of here by 8pm on Saturday night. Then headed over to a friend's house by the 930 Club to get a little loose before heading to catch my friends in The Dance Party, headlining at the club that night. They didn't open the upstairs, but the band had no problems filling up the downstairs, which one would say is a bit of bragging rights for any local band.

The show kicked ass, and the band brought a fever pitch to the crowd as always. Lead singer and guitarist Mick Coogan came out with no shirt on, making the girls a flutter and making me think I need to hit the gym an extra day or two this week. Either way, being up front is always a blast, especially when Kevin Bayly whales on the guitar while simultaneously getting down on his knees so someone can give him a sip of their beer, never missing a beat. Good times.

On to the rest of the weekend, I have some friends getting married this winter and was actually approached (well, I asked as well) about finding a caterer or catering the event myself. Too bad such a thing is way over my head to organize right now. Otherwise I would do so in a heartbeat, I couldn't be happier to do such a thing. Yet, alas, I will find someone to take care of this for them...I already have 2 companies in mind to speak to.

Did anyone else catch that Italy vs Spain match yesterday? Or the stunning Turkish comeback on Friday? People who don't like soccer are out of their minds.

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