Saturday, June 7, 2008


107 degrees?? Really?

It's not even July yet, shit, it's not even mid-June yet!! Summer may be hot this year, but I don't think it's going to be a long one. Just look at how late into May we were before we hit 85? Look back at this post in 3 months and tell me I'm wrong. Don't make me flex my meteorologist skills!

Speaking of telling me I'm wrong...a guest came in with his son today for lunch and asked if we could make the kid a Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Most of you reading are thinking, "that's easy, why not," right? How about if I wanted to make kids food I would be working at Cafe Deluxe, I hear they offer like 7 items for kids on their menu. And, of course, I'm sure there's a McDonalds in the area somewhere.

We are not a kid friendly restaurant and I like that. So as I began to say no outright I got smart for just a moment and said to ask the GM. I say no, but if he says yes, what am I to do? So we ended up making the damn thing. Eh, not worth fighting over.

Being that its hot outside, how do you think my kitchen feels?? I won't go into detail of personal hygeine but thank God I am "Sure" today!!! We have 3 large industrial fans blowing in all different directions of my kitchen and yet I can still break a sweat just standing on my line. Note to self, open kitchen in future restaurant with some kick ass AC!

Stay cool peoples!!!

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