Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Mad Caterer?

Three days with no Internet and I feel uber deprived. I also see that someone has taken the liberty of bringing up some unflattering past experiences without the relevant and necessary details. Let's just say I will plead the 5th to all and it would have been funnier with pics!

So since I have not been able to post, a few things have happened. For starters, that wedding I spoke of? I am about to put together a bid for it. Is it going to help out The Mad Chef of M Street? Not at all. Could it potentially destroy my name? Most definitely.

This will be no easy task, but that alter ego James Chase, the damn cocky bastard that he is, really wants to try to do this. I may not even get the gig, and that's perfectly fine, I will still help in whatever way I can. After speaking to close friends around me that are willing to help, I have come to believe I just may be able to pull this off. Can The Mad Chef step aside and let James Chase orchestrate such a grand ordeal? We'll see.

A wedding is a pretty big deal...when is the last time you heard people at a wedding proclaim "damn that was really good food, I wonder who they got to cater this?" Probably never, but when was the last time you heard someone complain that the food was horrible? Much more likely. So with that said, I have a challenge in front of me, that is if they even decide I'm worth the price tag I will come with. After all, I am only one person who works in a restaurant. I'm not a caterer, nor do I have any intention of doing such a thing ever, EVER, again. Just this once, call it...bragging rights. Damn that ego of mine.

Besides that I just received my grill in the mail for the company picnic I will be cooking for some friends next month. Hold on, didn't I just say I wasn't into catering? The MAD Chef of M Street right? The difference between this and a wedding? Two words - hot dogs.

This grill is a beast...I'm actually dreading putting it together, I need to go buy a case of brew before I crack into this. 50 gallon barrel grill, 2 stage, double bottom, smoke stack off to one side and a 50lb attachment (the grill weighs in a nimble 109lbs) for smoking wood. Rotisserie adaptable, yeah I got that too, a warming rack, 1,063 sq inches of cooking space, and last but not least, cast iron cooking grates. Cue Tim"The Tool Man" Taylor grunting...just typing about all that grilling power gives me a woody.

Thirsty Thursday, gotta type up the menus for the weeding and that company picnic. Next week that magazine article in "On Tap" Magazine should come out!

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