Friday, June 27, 2008

Not OK Computer

Friday, not quite the beginning of the weekend for some of us. Most of you, however, are already counting down the minutes until you grab your first cocktail at your favorite watering hole. Bastards, I'm jealous. I will just have to ask about a wine tasting before the day is done.

So after typing my entry yesterday I spent the next 3 hours in front of the computer. How do you people do it with these office jobs. I was more drained from typing and staring at a damn screen than a 12 hour day here in the kitchen. Carpal tunnel syndrome and all. This computer stuff just isn't for me. Thank goodness for those around me that are savvy with this stuff!

Costing out menus isn't even really the hard part, it's making spread sheets to keep track of where all of my time went. I typed up both menus, proposals, and then began to make a spread sheet for each one. If both of these go over well, which is still completely up in the air, I will have my work cut out for me. Well, partly for James and partly for The Mad Chef of M Street. Thank goodness I can divide the responsibilities, huh?

Oh yeah, about that grill that came in the mail. Definitely didn't get done, I didn't even open the box to tell you the truth. I have beer at my condo and this got delivered to my parents house, and it ain't getting put together until both are together at the same place. Plus, they have a nicer backyard to put it together in, so I should do it there. Maybe Sunday I will put it together and light it up for a test run? It's not like I have a choice in the matter if I want to use it by next Friday!

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